Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Return of the Burg

Hello everyone. It has been quite some time since I have been able to put out another podcast and I am very sorry about that. I believe a brief explanation is required.

While doing the last episode I was working a ton, getting married within the month and dealing with the purchase of a new house. All of these things combined brought the podcast to a standstill. Not to mention killing my time to play LOTRO.

But time has passed. I am happily married now , work has settled down a bit and I have settled into owning my first house. I would like to thank everyone who has contacted me expressing how much you like the show. It means a ton to me.

Let me give you guys a rundown on what I have been doing since I 've made my way back into playing lotro:

Moormagil, my burglar is now 65- OH YEAH !

My baby captain is still a baby. But he is also a Supreme Scholar as well.

I'm still on Silverlode.

I got a bunch of the Moria radiance gear pieces and I am now working on the Dol Guldor ones.

And I stink at skirmishes. Its all my soldier's fault!
( Dam Bannergaurds and they're crappy glass candy.)

So whats the future for That LOTRO Show you ask?

I am currently producing the next episode. Woo hoo, finally! I have decided to change things up with the way I podcast and produce an episode. The old way I did it was very tiring . I would do the episode after working all night and then try and stay up and edit it. Not a good idea. Plus I get to finicky and obsessed with little editing details. So now I will be recording around twice a month , on the days when I am off. Also the format of the show will be much more relaxed and less regimented and tightly structured. I want the show to be more like a gamer talking to another gamer, instead of a guy reading you a script.

So that's that. Keep an eye on those feeds for the next episode.

In addition I am going to be blogging a lot more on this site. Mainly because it is a bit quicker and more casual , thus allowing me to get a lot more stuff out there for you to consume.

Well I hope I explained everything clearly. And again, thank you all for the supporting the show and ......... I'M BACK BABY ! WOOOOOOOOO!